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Hello every person! Now, I am fired up to share my all all-natural and natural skincare program featuring the ALL NEW Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer. My program is very easy and only is composed of four items all stated underneath 🙂

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-one Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

DeVita Moroccan Rose Facial Toner

***This is the toner I favor:

Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer c/o

Badger Damascus Rose Facial Cleaning Oil

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Thanks so substantially for looking at!

xx Audrey

*Disclaimer: This is not a compensated for advertisement. All items acquired by myself until if not said via c/o. Some affiliate links may possibly be applied over.


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  1. Just discovered you and your videos. Great job! I had issues with eye cream as well and switched over to Sweet Almond Oil. It naturally brights your under eye area and prevents dark circles. Also the omega fatty acids are perfect for your skin and highly moisturizing.

  2. Hi Audrey! I enjoy your videos so much. A sunscreen I love is by Suntegrity. They have a face cream/primer that is so nice!! I don't use eye cream at all but use oils at night like Evan Healy rose hip oil! Thanks and wishing you a peaceful holiday!!

  3. Great video. I love a simple routine as well. I use a coconut/hemp/jojoba oil to cleanse, a spray hydrosol, then a little oil to moisturize with some shea butter for eye cream. Honestly I have always had problem skin and it looks better now than it ever has. I agree with you that the less stuff I use on my skin the happier it is.
    One thing you may try is cutting up some muslin or a thin bar towel to make some cleansing cloths. The fabric is thin that enough to dry really quickly and I just toss them in my laundry every couple weeks. You could probably also hand wash in your Dr Bronners!

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