5 Bite Diet plan a hundred Day Problem Day 38 (My Food items Arsenal)

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  1. i have 200 lbs to loose and just finished day 31 and lost 27lbs and couldn't get the scales to budge hardly the last 10 days. I lost 19 lbs. in 13 days….Sooo disappointed and I did the diet perfectly…so here is a plateau that Dr. Lew is the book said wouldn't happen. I want this really badly and very up set not really knowing what to do. Not going to stop but I really want to loose 30lbs a month!!

  2. Hi! Great videos! I was wondering since I'm kinda confused on what to eat when you first start this challenge… Do you eat only snicker bars for the first week and then after that you can eat whatever you want but still eat 5 bites?

  3. Hey bro how u doin man
    Thanks for checking in I'm doing good fell off a couple of times .But I have dropped another 25 pounds .Im in it to win it .I started a new job .That requires Alot of walking .So with the eating plan .The weight is still falling of .Because of my consistancy.How have you been bro ?.

  4. thank you so much for the videos…great information..never thought about getting unsweetened tea…I made it pass my 4 day and I am on a roll right now!!! Did bars only…had to resist a few temptations but I am proud of me because I didn't give in..setting those hungerstat…

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