Spira’s Beloved Mucusless Diet program Meals: Cooked Mucus-free of charge Veggies Section 5

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Collection exactly where Prof. Spira talks about some of his favored Mucusless Diet program Therapeutic Program Meals.

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  1. I notice many people keep on speaking about Antinobotan Solution (look on google search engine). But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular weight loss system?

  2. Hello Professor Spira. Awesome videos. I've been doing raw foods, sometimes cooked foods and long periods of juice fasting for the past 4 years. I didn't know about much about cooked mucus-forming foods until a few months ago. Not many people talk about them when transitioning to raw foods. I ate so much rice and white potatoes in my transitioning period and never felt good on them. I have a few questions for you. I understand from one of your videos that you consume olive oil. I stopped using olive oil thinking it's not whole food and best avoided. Instead I replaced it with tahini (whole food) and avocado on my salads. What are your thoughts on olive oil, tahini and avocado? Also, what about baked eggplants? Thank you so much for all you do. Much love to you <3

  3. Hi Prof. Spira,

    Thanks for the informational video. I've read the Mucusless Diet. It goes in depth about the transition diet, but doesn't talk much about the actual Mucusless Diet after the transition. I'm not sure if it's all raw? Are certain cooked vegetables allowed at this stage or no? Thank you!

  4. One more question what do you think about soy meat alternatives and soy in general? Would it be better to eat soy meat than lets say fried quinoa, garbanzo, lentil meat/burgers/patties? Or the lather is better? I know fried is not the best but it could be baked as well Thank You!

  5. "starch is the gateway drug" – Taylor Budd aka Gzus Cryst …
    check out his video: STARCH = THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

    recently relapsed and felt the addictiveness of starchy foods… french fries oh man…at least i didnt eat the GMO Heinz ketchup ;X

    bless you all 🙂

  6. The Mucusless Diet perspective is definitely very different from 80/10/10. Although you can pass through a transitional stage where you eat that way, we look at it very differently. Most of us do not believe in the calorie or standard nutrition theories. Our goal is to move away from mucus-forming foods, which we find to be the foundation of human illness. But to do this, there are certain mucus-formers that are better than others to eat during the transition. Peace, Love, and Breath!

  7. Just trying to recall, but I have heard some doctors (and raw food practitioners) state that raw white potatoes may be dangerous if not deadly. But still, why would a raw foodist recommend something as starchy as raw white potatoes. I wouldn't even juice them.

  8. Interesting. I did not know that she was into white potatoes. Raw ones? The Mucusless Diet is definitely a different approach to higher levels of eating than any of the other methods out there. But it seems to be the most systematic and will take you the furthest (if you have the deep down desire to become mucus-free). But, we encourage folks to transition at a comfortable rate using less harmful cooked mucus-free foods so that there is little shock to the system. Peace, Love, and Breath!

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