Meal 5- Supper|| Complete Muscle mass 12 Week Plan BY JEET SELAL [HINDI]

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THIS IS Meal 5 OF Complete Muscle mass, A Good quality LEAN Muscle mass Creating Plan Created BY JEET SELAL. Stay TUNED FOR Approaching Videos.



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  1. Sir , Can we take whole chicken without skin ? i have read on the website of national chicken council that there is 13.4 gm fat per 100 gm chicken with skin , while chicken without skin has only 6.6 gm fat per 100 gm . ??

  2. Sir plz give the diet chart for office going employes those live outside from home because I have Tiffen system for dinner but live on the rent room in India so plz tell us about Complete day diet plan specially for ketogenic.

  3. Thank you Bhai, for your valuable suggestion. since you released all your videos for workout and nutrition, I'm preparing my notes for my calorie intake as said by you and going to start the programme from tomorrow. from last one year I'm working out fat loss programs and my fat percentage is 13. having slight lower belly. since your programme is a lean and clean muscle building programme and warm-ups stretches ,workouts everything given a very interest to me. Thanks for your programme and looking forward for good results for me. All the best to you and your channel, with all the subscribers support you will rock in future.

  4. Jeet Bhai, I know you won't recommend any bad things for us, but I've studied that caffine will not allow creatine to dissolve and it's not successful. please clarify the myths about this combination please.

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