Grocery Haul Vlog | Vegan Nutritionist Goes Purchasing!

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Be part of Crystal and I as we enterprise out of our town to the big stores in the town! Obtain out what a vegan nutritionist and his über nutritious girlfriend purchase and how significantly we commit $$$!

This was my initially try at vlogging in stores and I surely have some kinks to function out. Audio is a big one particular! Yet again, thank you for the help as we all master and grow with each other!

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– Derek Simnett, Licensed Dietary Practitioner (CNP)

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  1. How do you store your dates? I notice when i put them in the fridge, they tend to not fully breakdown in the smoothies as I end up with little chunks. I also want to make sure they don't spoil.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, love your vids!

  2. Awesome video guys! Derek if we did grocery shopping together we would take way too long and get super distracted trying those animal bennies lol How long does all that food last you guys? Any tips on food waste management? Do you guys have a food plan or cook meals day to day?

  3. Omg guys you are the cutest i hope you know how much amazing you guys are together thanks for been so inspired now i will be buying less plastic i love your videos thanks for been soooo awesome

  4. Great video, Woodgrove Mall! I once cycled from there to Departure Bay, no problem with all the great dedicated paths and lanes in Nanaimo. Thanks for showing it can be done on a budget!!

  5. Amazing video as always, makes me kind of depressed with how bad our stores are over here in the UK it seems like all the stores where you live have literally everything you need. At my local supermarket they recently got rid of more fruit/veg and vegan options :'(

  6. Now I just need my own apartment, a job, and a drivers license. Then I can truly have a life closer to the ones you guys lead. All I want to be is healthy and happy and fit. Having more freedom is something I think we all long for.

  7. I'm New to the raw food life style, I watched several videos looking help. Not exactly sure what kind of fruits and veggies i should be having daily and how much (calories)..? Which kind i should be eating together and which not to? Is it ok if that's all i eat? (No meat) It would be wonderful if you have Any tips or advice for a newbie.

  8. Awesome!! But SO MUCH PLASTIC! Have you tried farmers markets and bulk buy stores to minimize the amount of needless plastic wrapping? It's something that I find difficult to incorporate into my lifestyle as everything seems to be wrapped in plastic these days but there are ways around it. Keep the awesome content coming.

  9. Thanks for the videos! Just a few questions which would be cool if you get around to answering.

    I see brown rice products but no actual brown rice here or in any other video I've seen. Do you stay away from it for the most part? Brown rice vs quinoa?

    Thoughts on tortillas to wrap your food. I've always thought corn tortillas are ok?

    Does coffee make you fat or are there other disadvantages if you drink it in moderation?

    Lastly, I thought spinach was better than arugula. Spinach vs arugula thoughts?

    Found you about a week ago and enjoying the videos!

  10. OMG. I love watching how much fun you have. It makes me feel like I can do this to, when you show how real you are 🙂 As always, thank you for the inspiration!.. . Oh, question: How long will that grocery run provide meals for you two?

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