Friend’s Mother Healing Coronary heart Illness with Vegan Diet program

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Univision Tv star, Setareh Khatibi, and her mother, Elena, be part of us at the YouTube Area LA studios to share the story of Elena’s recent coronary heart assault and subsequent restoration. Joining us for this dialogue are Lex of Mr. and Mrs. Vegan, and Robby of Mastering Diabetic issues. Making use of the McDougall plant centered eating plan, Elena is not only improving the effects of her coronary heart disease but also long standing diabetic issues style 1.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, dr messed up my left leg doing an unnecessary closing of my veins and now my left leg is turning blue, and pain 24/7 picking me and hurting, hot, but I was doing raw vegan for 3 weeks and its getting cleared !!! Dr I saw today said there is nothing to do just WATCHT IT? of course they want it to get to the point where you can depend on medication … Im Staying raw vegan until the leg clears … To be continue

  2. Just found out that my father may have congestive heart failure. He's been in the hospital since Wednesday last week, and we are awaiting his results from his stress test. As soon as he comes home, I'm helping him build a simple, cheap plant-based diet to follow. I just wish the hospitals were on board with feeding their patients more whole foods to help them heal.

  3. this video is why I'm unsubscribing, y'all really think you have more knowledge than a cardiologist who has completed 5+years of medical training? yes vegetables are healthier but once damage is done to a certain extent it can't be reverse only managed. A stent could have to been place, in addition to lifestyle changes it can SLOW the progression but serious damage loke this cannot be reversed. And should should we just take your word for it? Where's the cath xray and lab results?

  4. I really enjoyed this video. However it would have been great to hear the mother talk more about her experience and how she feels now, rather than the daughter talking over and for her. I hope this lady does a star mcdougaller video in her own words.

  5. Sooo inspriational! My family has a history of heart disease and as most heart patients their first sign was a heart attack and then they died so this really spoke to me. Thank you for doing this show, it really hit the spot!

  6. The thing is some people are really stubborn to change their eating habits. I remember last year I was in a store. An acquaintance of the store owner told her that her mother have been getting fingers and toes amputated bc of diabetes. The thing was she kept eating sweets and pastries and didn't care for more amputations!!!!!!.

  7. Thank you so much for telling this story! It's such an important one. My husband and I have been following The Fruit Gypsy and it's been fascinating to see what goes on at the Dr. McDougall 10-day. Also, we've been drooling over the food shown lol.

  8. I'm so glad that Elena has had such success on her plant-based diet! Congrats to her! However, I really wish Elena had been allowed to speak without being interrupted so often. This really a nice success story, but having others step over her was distracting and frankly, disrespectful to her.

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