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In this article are 3 healthful meal possibilities for consuming out at Chipotle! If you want healthful speedy food possibilities, examine out my burrito bowl, salad and taco meals that I developed working with their nourishment calculator.
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  1. Definitely some cool options. Will probably have to stick with the pico if I do salsa though, as I'm too wimpy to eat the other salsas and need the mild one. On the plus side, I always get a bowl and split it between two meals, so that helps.

  2. Thought you might like some clarification on a few items:
    -We use the thigh for our chicken, so it is dark meat. Dark meat is higher in fat than white meat, but it also has higher levels of micronutrients as a positive trade off.
    -It's not as clear on the website, but restaurant menus (specifically the small, paper ones that help guests in the dining room plan their order) list one bag of chips as two servings.
    -We use rice bran oil for the vinaigrette. Honey is the sweetener.
    -If you're ordering the build your own taco kits they come with any three sides, which include either a meat of guacamole, in addition to either a bag of kid's chips or a fruit and your choice of white milk, chocolate milk, apple juice, or a kid's cup for the soda fountain. The fruit is seasonal and subject to change. At the time of writing this comment, my store has blueberries as the fruit option. If you wish to have two tacos with more than the allotment of toppings allowed by the kid's meal then you should simply order two single tacos.

  3. Glad to know that I've been ordering some decently healthy things at chipotle. I usually go half chicken half steak and personally I can't go without the chips

  4. Those sodium levels… yikes! Even people with healthy blood pressure levels should limit sodium to no more than 2,000 mg per day. Kind of an eye opener to see just how high the sodium is in fast food.

  5. The steak might have fewer calories and barely fewer grams of fat than the chicken, but don't say they're all close in macros because the chicken has 11 more grams of protein compared to the steak.

  6. Omg thank you!!!! This has really helped. All three of these taste really wonderful. It has really helped me while trying to lose weight. I also like the idea of the two meals instead of one.

  7. I have to admit I was cringing the whole time because I know how high sodium can be at chipotle. I don't eat there any more but Omgah I never knew those corn tortillas are gona be my pick on cheat day 🙂 thank you for helping me rebuild a relationship w chipotle again and I'm vegan.

  8. Could you please make a video on the three most healthiest foods at Qdoba? I know it is really similar to Chipotle but they are both differentiated a little. Mind over Munch please reply soon

  9. Love this! Can you do one over Freebirds? Not sure if you have them where you are though. I'm here in Texas so they're all over. 🙂 thank you for your postings! Keep up the great work. Also, I'm all about those one pan meals especially when both my husband and I are prepping for competitions. These are so healthy as I watched your freezer meals that you just posted before this one. Chipotle is our fav and this totally opened our eyes lol! Thank you

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