Whole Working day of Eating: Pure Bodybuilding contest prep macros Chris Elkins

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40 body fat, two hundred carbs, a hundred and seventy protein
instagram: @chris_elkins


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  1. I can appreciate the hard work it takes to get a body like that even on steroids, you look really really good!
    BUT I can't accept that your natural, your shoulders an crazy, you have bad gyno and the vascularity with your size is crazy! I know you're a small dude but telling everyone your natural is just insulting people's intelligence. Don't admit to it, just don't say your natural.
    Keep it up tho man no hate intended.

  2. So hey Chris are you just doing kinda the alan aragon IIFYM approach then? (Not that he branded that or nothing) but how do you keep yourself from crashing with these high glycemic meals – are you going higher protein like 1.3 per pound or is because you getting meals frequently – teach me bro!

  3. Ok so your macs come a total of 1,840 plus -500 for your 6 days of cardio so you average 1400 cals a day. Holy cow you're maintenance is atleast 2700 considering you lift 5 times a week. Cuz you said you do upper lower rest. So you're at like a 1300 deficit how are you not losing muscle?

  4. eh listen you little bich, you are drug tested, you are poly tested wtf??????? you can say everything.. so far I have no proof of what you claim. jason blaha will tell you how to pass all kinds of tests for a fee. when I took ephedra my eyes looked exactly like that, come near me so I can slap your little bich ass. I am tired of guys like you . I am going to quit youtube completely.

  5. I love the foods you eat. I'm a girl and the diet that female fitness models like Michelle Lewin hardly eat any carbs besides oats. Lean protein w/ veggies all day plus protein and supplements. Seems like packing on size requires more carbs but not for keeping a very slim figure. Not sure if this a misconception.

  6. Hey Chris, what is your macro ratio for contest prep/cutting? currently I did 40%P:40%C:20%F seems like I'm losing too much weight too fast. my goal was to hit .5lb to 1lb in 8weeks but already down 10pounds less then 8weeks.

  7. I just started body building after 14. 1/2 yr…off.got fat .took stear of constant xardio everyday. lost 94 to 100…..I started back with weighta 1st Monday of jan 2016……already in love with weights again im 40 now.so ubtil i crook inbin it for ever .no roids.taking long lay iffs will help you.but dint get to fat or bulky

  8. Chris, I appreciate your videos for one – telling us what your daily macros are it's good to know and see how they change, and two – showing macros for your meals because like The Hero at Firehouse Subs, I never knew the macros were so perfect on that sub!! I have a firehouse sub near me so I'm going to get that next time I'm in there. thanks for the share

  9. We wear the same underwear. Wait. Not like we share the same underwear. We wear the same brand…….

    Looking lean AF bruh. Those leg cuts came outta nowhere! Successful season already no matter what. Stay strong.

  10. Hey Chris, do you mind telling me about how long it was after your surgery that you started to hit lifetime PR's again? I just got the same surgery a few weeks ago and I don't think I'm progressing as fast as you did. However, looking at the progress you've still managed to make since 2013 (which is a LOT as far as I can tell, you look insane) gives me hope.

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