AMERICAN vs. BRITISH Toddler Food stuff!!!

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In which we consider baby food stuff from the Uk and United states of america and uncover out who is the real winner. Warning: most of these meals are really gross and have been only tried for mukbang functions only 😱😱😱

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  1. The most popular branded American baby food is by Gerber. Heinz is known in the US but mostly for things like ketchup and pickles, although the baby food is sold there too. I think you are very brave for trying this taste test, baby food is not known for being seasoned very well. I've always thought those squeezy tubes are nasty looking, but since baby's taste buds aren't very well developed I suppose they are convenient and healthy. I really love these comparison videos and even though I'm American I don't mind who you choose. I know you give your honest opinion and aren't swayed by country loyalty. Kudos.

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