Macro Helpful Nutritious Food Prep for Bodybuilding and Exercise Preperation

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A brief and easy video recipe for Delightful Food Prep for Bodybuilding and Exercise

Components and Macros:

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  1. I need some advice on diet. I have done a clean bulk muscle building diet for the past two weeks and I don't like the results I see on my "smart scale."

    I started at 264.9Lbs, BMI 36.3, Body fat 26.3%, Muscle mass 180.6Lbs, body water 52%, bone mass 9Lbs. Almost 50 years of age.

    2 weeks of small meals consists of high protein, a veg and rice or sweet potato. Shakes, 4 days a week in the gym.

    9 am Breakfast: 4 hard boiled eggs 1 cup coffee. Yogurt or 1/2 avocado.

    11 am Meal: grilled chicken breast, rice 3oz, tsp black beans, tsp red beans, tsp black olives,

    1 pm BPI shake.

    2:30 meal: clean chill (my own ground) 8oz or same as 11am meal.

    5pm meal (pre-workout) pasta, meat sauce from my clean ground.

    6pm workout, post workout Double shake.

    7:30 meal tilapia, small sweet potato. Or two 6oz hamburgers (my own ground).

    Midnight: Shake. Bedtime.

    1 gallon water through out the day.

    After 2 week my fat was up an muscle mass down. I've never been more full or ate this much.

    BMI 36.3 >34.4
    BODY FAT 26.3% <27.5%
    MUSCLE MASS 180.7Lbs >173.7Lbs
    BODY WATER 51.2% >50.8%
    BONE Lbs 9 >8.8
    WEIGHT 264.9 >251.5

    Is this unusual or will this work itself out over the 12 plan that I want to add muscle?

  2. Hey, would you say a full fat greek yoghurt with less sugar is better or a low fat with more sugar? i consume around 250g most days with oats, walnuts and bananas for a meal. The low fat one has around 15/20g per 250g of yoghurt whilst the other has around 5/10 but more fat. All help welcome! thanks

  3. A word of advice if you are going to have a click to subscribe button make sure that it does not cover other information. An example at 07:15 it is distracting and was squinting to try and read the calorie information yet having a massive red box directly above it.

  4. Absolutely delicious! Made a huge batch of this and your chilli con carne and ended up with a months supply of healthy frozen lunches. Tastes great, no prepping lunch and saving me a small fortune. Good effort fella!

  5. Best food for Asians haha! This video really gave me the idea for my prep. So I am making schezwan chicken fried rice(with mix veggies, beans and eggs in it) for 3 days and the tomato rice(with chicken, mix veggies and eggs in it) next three days. I am alternating these two dishes every three days and also changing the kind of veggies, seasonings to keep variety. 🙂

    I am afraid of making it for an entire week at once 😛

  6. Hi, if possible could you please give me some clear instructions on how long you're cooking that rice/veg for? surely the veg takes far less time than the rice? How do you do them together?

  7. This video has helped me so much. Probably one of the best meals I've ever tasted, you've worked wonders with that rice, veg and seasoning combination. Thanks so much, bro!

  8. This looks great, and I want to try this recipe, but I wonder if it will fit in with my workout routine. I really am not one to bulk – I'll work each muscle group once a week (over 3 days) and I do HIIT sprints 4x a week. I'm not looking to bulk as much as get rid of some fat… is this a good meal regimen for that?

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