Bodybuilding Recipe – Sweet & Delicious Large Protein Meal uncomplicated to make

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Hey men, if you want extra of these video clips hit the like and enable me know in the comments.




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  1. The protein that he's using is the worst tasting protein that i have ever tried and I've tried a lot of different proteins. ON vanilla ice cream sounded so decadent but it had absolutely no vanilla taste and was extremely hard for me to drink. It was so bad that i had to put unsweetened hershey's chocolate powder and cinnamon whenever I made a shake. He used 2 scoops of that crap so I can't imagine how that would taste any good. Be ware of that specific flavor guys (also keep in mind "vanilla ice cream" ON is different from "vanilla" ON which tastes just fine.

  2. in french is :/ ?
    :Noix (nut)聽
    Fromage blanc (the聽 trick white)
    Proteine (protein 100% whey bio)
    et du Lait (and the milk)
    it's correct ? (ps: my english is very bad)

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