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My buying listing this week involved sweet potatoes, freekeh, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, zucchini, carrots, celery, cauliflower, beetroot, hemp seeds, pink kidney beans, feta cheese, mint leaves, fresh parsley, liquid egg whites, mayonnaise and siracha sauce.

Start off by preheating your oven to 210C or 425F.

♥ FREEKEH ♥ you can substitute with quinoa or brown rice.

I simmered two cups of freekeh in 6 cups of drinking water for around 25 minutes. Drain as soon as cooked.

Check out your packet for the guidance.

The moment the freekeh is cooked, I sprayed a pan with olive oil and included 1 tsp minced garlic paste and set my chopped fresh herbs, freekeh and some handfuls of eco-friendly onoin right before stirring it around for about five minutes.

For the dressing, I combined of the juice from 1 lemon, 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and half a teaspoon of garlic. I seasoned perfectly with salt and pepper and stirred it into the freekeh. I ate these lunches cold.


I peeled seven small sweet potatoes and slash them into chip shapes. I then set them in a bag, drizzled some olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Put them on a lined baking sheet. They will consider around thirty minutes to cook dinner in the oven at 210C or 425F.


I boiled a large head of cauliflower until eventually tender right before draining extensively and mashing it up. You can customise and season with regardless of what you like to make it tasty. I use salt, pepper, garlic, mustard and onion powder. I also set in some parmesan cheese and almond milk.


Nothing much too extravagant listed here. I just diced and stir fried them for a several minutes in 1 tbs garlic paste and olive oil.


Wash and chop the rest of the veggies:

– 1 head of celery
– 1 bunch of spring onion
– 1 bunch each individual of mint and parsley leaves
– nine small carrots
– tinned beetroot
– I also drained my kidney beans and diced my fetta cheese

I ate these lunches and snacks in excess of the up coming five times. Any veggies prepped which did not go into my foodstuff bins, were kept in the fridge all set for use through the week for dinners.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Fantastic video!! I'm starting as a veggie and this is the first channel I've found that has actually helped me feel confident about doing this as I was getting a bit overwhelmed!! Which shops do you go to for your products? And where do you get your food prep boxes from and what oz are they as i don't want to under or over eat! If you could answer those questions I'd be so appreciative, thank you in advance!

  2. i did this last night, ever so impressed with the results, I had my first box for lunch, it was delicious. I'm interested to see how the box's last in the fridge over the 5/6 days….also i couldn't see where the egg whites go?

  3. Hey! Have you thought about – batama weight loss adept (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some super things about it and my sister got cool results with it.

  4. they all look like yummy food, Im trying to find a 7 day meal prep to loose weight for breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks. I need to loose a lot of weight i thought if i prep my meals i will only that food. can you give me some advice please

  5. +BakingMadGymAddict  just saw this video as my first meal prepping one for veggies and i really love it!
    although i do have a question: is that all you eat over the day or how do your other meals that day look like? and how about the veggies keeping their "crunchyness" and freshness during the week? i do cook quite a lot but never have done a meal prepping before and would really like to do it just for the same reasons you mentioned in your video. hope you can help 🙂

    (PS: awesome spatula ^_^)

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