Finest Food items for Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction

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The spice saffron may not only function as very well as SSRI antidepressant medications like Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft without the need of the aspect-effects, they may be in a position to even take care of the adverse sexual aspect-effects that occur in up to 70% of individuals getting them.

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Move the paella!

I touched on the spice prior to in Saffron vs. Prozac ( and Saffron for the Therapy of PMS (

People drug aspect-effects seem devastating, but depression is no wander in the park. But when 1 balances risk and benefit 1 assumes that there’s truly benefits. That is why the shocking science I explored in Do Antidepressant Medication Genuinely Operate? ( is so critical.

What else may improve mood? A nutritious food plan and training:
• Anti-inflammatory Diet for Depression (
• Plant-Primarily based Eating plans for Improved Temper and Productivity (
• Workout vs. Medication for Depression (
• Aspartame and the Mind (

For much more on sexual health commonly, see:
• Survival of the Firmest: Erectile Dysfunction & Loss of life (
• Do Gentlemen Who Have Much more Sexual intercourse Stay More time? (
• Finest Foodstuff to Enhance Sexual Perform (

What else can spices do? Here’s just a style:
• Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds (
• Cayenne Pepper for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Serious Indigestion (
• Which Spices Struggle Swelling? (
• Ginger for Migraines (

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. Government should order pharma company to put warning about serious side effects on medicine sachet like cigarettes and tabbaco.
    Though it reduce sale by 5% but save many life

  2. I shall never go back on psychiatric drugs! They almost destroyed my life. So thankful I'm off of them. No thanks to the doctor of course. Had to do the withdrawal all on my own and leave my family in the process. I would much rather experience the benefits of Saffron without the ill effects of psychiatric drugs. May no one ever have to be stuck under the torture the psychiatrists put me through. For those still stuck in that bind, may they somehow break free.

  3. Saffron is not that expensive if you buy in quantity. The study used 15mg of saffron twice a day, or 30mg daily. I just saw on Amazon $115 for 1 ounce of saffron, (28.3 grams). If you do the math, that's 943 days of saffron at 30 mg per day, or less than $40 a year. Not expensive if you do it that way.

  4. I can really feel the blood increase. I get raging erections and feel I have more control. This Prolargent 5×5 Extreme stuff is great. Worth a try if you are looking for a boost in the bedroom.

  5. Dr. Gregor, could you please do a video on dietary interventions for helping with stuttering? Or maybe any interventions with stuttering in general? There is strikingly scarce amount of information available, and you are such an excellent orator!

  6. Too much fibre???

    i've been vegan for 4 years, mostly plant based and suffer from binge eating. Since going vegan i've had very LOOSE STOOLS, borderline diarrhoea everyday, bloating, horrible gas and weight gain can it be caused by too much fibre (40-80g)? I struggle to lower my fibre intake on a plant based diet?

  7. OMG!!!!… Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft are crazy ass scary drugs!!!!….NOBODY should EVER even touch those if the are going to mess with your SEX!!!!!             :-O

  8. It is my view that saffron is a far better antidepressant than the most modern prescription drugs.
    If you are truly depressed you will be drawn to the beautiful coloured tea.
    A little goes a long way.

  9. I would never go on an antidepressant. It sounds like they are culling the weak with these poisons.

    Buck up, snap out of it, work out, sleep, get sun and find a purpose. Happiness is a standard that must be held not and externality that happens or doesnt.

    Make a batch of super orange saffron rice if you must.

  10. If you are depressed and/or have lost interest in sex you should do what I do=physical activity/beer/viagra and if necessary add some porn. Good luck. Real doctors see real human beings. All this guy does is read studies and then give his opinion.

  11. Anorgasmia in women on SSRIs is not uncommon, but not recorded enough as a side effect because lack of sexual function in women isn't taken seriously. It's also more likely to be assumed to be a 'psychological' problem when reported. This needs to change! I had anorgasmia on an SSRI and the frustration made me want to smack my head into a wall! Womens sexual function matters.

  12. My doctor didn't inform me of any of these risks. In fact the only risks I was informed about was symptoms that may happen when coming off of the drug. :/

  13. I was on citalopram and the "equipment " just froze. There are other remedies out there that don't have the awful side effects. Coming off made me very irritable and l found 5 HTP helped a lot. Now, do not take 5HTP or St Johns Wort whilst on SSRIs because you can get serotonin syndrome which can be life threatening! 5HTP is a precursor of serotonin ( which is mainly formed in the gut). Start of with 50mg as it can cause stomach upsets and muzzy head. Also do not take with protein as this stops the serotonin getting past the blood brain barrier. Keep the protein meal for early evening. Remember, most of us do not need much protein to maintain a balance and it is hard to digest. Been off SSRi for about 6 months and feel alive! Lost some weight as well. All equipment now A ok. I'm not going to knock SSRIs as they are sometimes needed urgently but like antibiotics, should only be prescribed where absolutely necessary. Also, they are addictive after long term use in the sense that one gets terrible nightmares and irritability when giving up so that must be done gradually. There is also a question mark over heart safety with some anti depressants in that they can interfere with heart rhythm. I think all tend to increase weight with SNRIs apparently being the worst. The above represents my own experience and other people's reactions may well be different.

  14. Those drugs are nothing more than government experiments on humans. A psychiatrist once prescribed to me a new drug called Serazone and I was to be on it for one year at least. I suspected an experiment, and I was a zombie, would have a thought and it would slip away within seconds. I hold it responsible for an auto accident I had that year whilst I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and made a very stupid mistake because I was in a daze from that stuff. It was later banned due to kidney failure deaths. Stay away from these quacks and their poisons.

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