Superior Protein Foods for Young ones : Nutrition Suggestions

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Most American little ones don’t have a problem obtaining adequate protein in their diet regime so there is no need for any kind of protein complement. Discover out about substantial protein meals for kids with assistance from a nourishment specialist in this cost-free movie clip.

Pro: Kacy Grossman
Bio: Kacy Grossman gained her bachelor’s of science in Scientific Nutrition and a minimal in Psychology from the College of California, Davis in 2008.
Filmmaker: Marton Varo

Collection Description: You happen to be never too young to get started imagining a lot more about ways to inject additional nourishment into your lifetime. Get nourishment information with assistance from a nourishment specialist in this cost-free movie series.


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  1. Oh my god, please stop making videos!! Do you know that all people can and should get all their protein from fruits and veggies. You're telling kids to eat cheeseburgers??

  2. If you site Dr. Michael Greger's work, you'll find that these recommendations are far from nutrition. There's a lot of research about dairy and meat that show that it is one of thee most unhealthiest things we have been consuming. Kacy Grossman, please look into Dr. Michael Greger's work. You can find his material on Many of his videos are on youtube. A lot of his information is derived from studies. Please look into it. Kids should not be eating these things.

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