Tennis Nourishment – The Most effective Food items For Tennis Players

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What are the very best foods for tennis players? Find out nutrition recommendations for pre-match and write-up match at
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  1. my english is realy bad , sorry

    but as a meal 2 hours before a match
    would be like 6 banans with a salad

    or oatmeal with flaxseeds and peanut butter and some affocado

    sorry it is not clear to eat more fruits and vegtibals
    you need also a lot of healthy fats like nuts and affocado and some seeds and butter
    and some oat and rice
    and beans

    what do you think ?

    and thanks a lot

  2. I find your videos extremely intuitive and well thought out. I have been a pescetarian (fish only vegetarian)  for 7 years. I could not agree more that protein is way overemphasized in America. Early man did not evolve to have protein once a meal (more like once week/month), so why should we? 

  3. Nice videos, just one thing, you don't get calories from fat or fruits, tha is not accurate. You get calories from fat or sugar.
    Now the fruits have sugar and that is whay you get the calories from them.

  4. Hi Tom
    I don't know where you did your research but you are right on.
    also I enjoyed the vid on weight in tennis racquets
    can't go wrong with fruit and veges
    thanks for your honesty and not trying to sell us something

  5. @Tom
    Love your instructional videos; as a physician, nutrition nut, and tennis enthusiast, I've improved my techniques/skill much with your tips. I do believe much in natural foods, especially raw foods I use to make meals, rather than processed food or food prepared elsewhere. Only way to know what you are getting is if you made it yourself. With that said and my last post, I DO use whey protein at times to prevent loosing mass after playing for hours, but now I may be eating more bananas:)

  6. What Tom is suggesting is that use protein supplements at your own risk of getting arterial fat build up. As a physician I've seen patients use whey protein supplements to replace meals and as snacks; some get bad lipid profile. As all protein are cheese byproducts, including isolates, they are just more purified, but still have much fat in them. Your genetics and diet dictates your vascular health, check your cholesterol profile if you are using protein supplements. Best nutrition=natural..

  7. You can get ALL the protein you need from fruits and vegetables. I think protein powders and other supplements are a waste of money. Eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies and you'll get ALL the nutrients you need in their natural form the way nature packaged it, which is easily assimilated by the body. Supplements are a way for some to make money but they never equal fresh, fruits and veggies. After my weight lifting workouts I eat a lot of fruit, THE best recovery food on the planet.

  8. The #1 food for any human being is FRUIT. Fruit is easily digested (so it does not overtax the digestive system, which reqiures energy). When your body is not being depleted of energy by eating animal based foods, you have more energy for training which equals better performance. My suggestion is fruit for breakfast, fruit for lunch, fruit before dinner and a big vegetable salad with some avocado or nuts or seeds for dinner. If hungry between meals eat more fruit. Best, Tom

  9. Hi Tom I am a 14 year old boy and I play tennis and soccer . I was wondering what is the best foods to eat and what eating plan I can use

  10. Tom, I am a 16 years old girl. I play tennis 2 hours a day from Mon-Fri. Plus, I play football (soccer) in the same basis. I would like to know if you can have an eating plan for me. Thank you.

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