60kg weight reduction journey – transformation, eating plan & work out schedule

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How I’m loosing weight by eating plan and work out with superior protein and reduced sugar and carb food items. Also be sure to leave any inquiries for a long term Q&A in the responses section.
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  1. ILYSM you are my inspiration!! Who's your favorite high school music character?????????!!!!! IM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN I HAVE POSTERS OF YOU ALL OVER MY ROOM PLEASEEEEEEE WRITE BACK AND ANSWER THIS QUESTION +Todd's Kitchen

  2. Congratulations for your loss weight, I badly need to go on a diet myself, my usual weight is 68kg and I am now at 120kg almost the double….

  3. I'm really tired of the egg yolk bashing. There are a LOT of essential vitamins and minerals, both of which are far more plentiful in the yolk than the white. The BS about egg yolks being bad for you has been thoroughly debunked. After years of studies, the supposed link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease was disproven repeatedly. At 55 calories per yolk, the bit of fat in them will keep your appetite sated longer and that same bit of fat so many sneer at is necessary for multiple body functions. Add to all that the fact that all the flavor is in the yolk and that egg whites are tasteless, and it's 38 calories well spent (38 because the additional white you'd throw in in place of the yolk 55-17).

    "The Hard-Boiled Truth
    Meanwhile, if you’ve been avoiding egg yolks, you’ve been missing out
    on a world of good nutrition. According to Wolfe, “They’re a great
    source of vitamin A, which is good for skin, B vitamins
    for energy, and choline, which supports brain health, muscles, and is
    necessary for a healthy pregnancy.” The saturated fat in yolks is also
    necessary for hormone production and the body’s absorption of vitamins
    and minerals."


  4. if you ever want to substitute sugar for your espresso coffee or tea i would recommend you to try stevia out. ever since i started i dont add sugar to any drinks. it's natural and 0 calories. i would also probably add vegetables to your protein for lunch and dinner. i wish you the best. i would love to see cooking videos for these types of diets low carbs no sugar since your a great chef im sure you have more ideas. thanks for sharing 🙂

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