What to Take in Ahead of Health and fitness center and What to Take in Soon after Health and fitness center Work out

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What to try to eat just before gymnasium and what to try to eat right after gymnasium workout. If you put this into follow this will transform your exercise sessions without end.

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  1. This video was helpful as far as recommendation would be concerned. If bananas and instant oatmeal will give me the energy for a muscular workout, this lifts up a confidence for me.

  2. i wait atleast 2 and a half hours after a meal to lift weights and after the workout i wait atleast 1 hour before i eat and for some reason it feels like all my bodyfat runs inside my muscles to pump them up.I guess I run outa fuel from food so my body starts burning the fat or something but this is what works best for me just wanted to share.

  3. Very good and short video straight to the point no ballshit like some other channels will make a 20 minute video and don't even tell you want you want to know but you do thanks

  4. Guys Protien shake is immediately after your gym session to boost ur after work out repair work and u need to have proper meal also consisting all macros according to your need.

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